Sunday, February 21, 2010

Taylor's 1st Birthday

So on Feb. 7 it was Taylor's first birthday but we didn't celebrate it until the 14th because my
parents came up from Colorado. Taylor injoyed his cake which was the front part of an airplane.

It was really cute but then all the kids got their own cake and the adults got the cool cake (it was a cake that had a runway with an airplane on it and a tower as well. way cool).
Taylor got lots of things for his birthday and played with all of them his favorit by far is his radio flyer. He likes to sit on it with his lags tucked onto the tale and then make a sound like he is flying so of course we have to push him.
He also got an airplane swing his Papa Dave, Great Uncle Danon and Uncle Nick made for him.

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  1. how cute! I cant believe how time has just flown by. He is definently chris's boy, with the airplane.