Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 16-20 and Fathers day(21st), 2009

This past week we had a blast we went to Colorado for a family reunion and my sister Jamie's wedding to Issac Brimhall.
We started by flying out of Rexburg on the 16th at 7 am and arrived in Longmont Colorado at 10:30 man I love flying. As soon as we got there my parents picked us up and we went to the Museum in Denver. Later on that night around 8 pm we hung out with Jared Keith (my best friend in High School) we went to the Fun Zone a place in Fort Collins Colorado (Jared loved Taylor and held him whenever he could).
The next day the whole family (with a few exceptions) went to the Zoo and had a blast. I loved the birds they where so cool looking and I loved the penguins also I guess technically penguins are birds but they just can't fly.

Thursday we went for Family pictures that was crazy and Taylor was the only grand kid that did not cry and that was only because he was sleeping for half of the time the other half he was eating and being as happy as can be. We got a family photo of our little family, one of just Taylor and one of just the grand kids, oh and one of the whole entire family that was fun. That night was Jamie's bridal shower where I had so much fun and Taylor got overly stimulated and had to go sit with his father because he started to yell because of all the noise. Friday we went to my sisters endowment session which was amazing and beautiful.

Friday night we went to my sister Rachelle's Baby shower and had fun at the park that was there and Taylor was passed around to so many people it got to the point that I just had to take him and get him to relax a bit. While I was at the baby shower Chris took up Cody and Armenia (Cody's girl friend whom I like a lot) on an airplane ride. Later on that night I found out that 5 gallons of pink lemonade had spilled all over my temple cloths and had to wash it all out and some of it didn't quite make it but at least the dress did.

This is Armina holding Taylor at Jamie and Issac's wedding.

Saturday may have been the busiest day but it was definitely the best out of them all. On Saturday June 20 my big sister Jamie got married it was so beautiful. Then Issac's mom and dad made lunch for all of us, and as soon as that was over we had to set up the reception before 5pm I am actually surprised at how well it turned out.

Sunday was the relax day and also Fathers Day at the same time how wonderful that was we all went to Uncle Danon's house and played and ate Dinner.

Monday was our trip home it took us about 4.4 hours to get back hey at least it wasn't 10 hours driving with a screaming baby because by the end of the trip Taylor hated the car seat.

What a wonderful trip it was, being able to see my whole family grandparents, aunts and uncles included.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Taylor's 4 month check up

So we went to the Doctors today for Taylors 4 month check up, and this is how he stands for his accual age. Length he is 24.4 inches long so that would put him at the 36.82% for that. Head Circumference is 15.75 inches and that puts him in the 6.61%. His weight is 13 pounds and which is the 16.08%. He is growing so fast right now he is pushing himself around the in circles on his back and it is so cute, eventually he will be crawling and then what will I do. I will probibly start to cry. He can sort of sit up now also, as long as he as something to support his back he does really well but if not he tends to fall over. He is also verry talkitive he will just make nosies even though no one is playing with him.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Here's to Rexburg for the next 3 years at least

This month we had to make a major decision. We had to decide if we were going to stay here in Rexburg for the next 3 years. Chris has been offered the general manager position at the lazer tag/ fun center. It will be called the Craze. It will have a lazer tag, mini golf and arcades. And we took it, can you believe it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Rexburg for another 3 years. We are going to continue to be managers here at 30 college ave. at least for 2 more semesters. Then we plan on renting a house here in Rexburg for the remainder of the time.

As of right now Taylor is 5 days away from being 4 months old and is about 13 pounds, he is growing so fast. He loves to talk and smile a lot, and he is learning how to laugh. It is so much fun because if you through him slightly in the air and bring him down fast he just starts to laugh. Sometimes he gets overly excited and doesn't know what to do and he starts to cry, only a little though.