Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finally in Ohio

We finally made it to Ohio. We had a great adventure, it all started with packing up our house in about half an hour then a 10 hour drive to Colorado, where we spent 2 whole days with my parents swimming and having a fun party with extended family oh and making really great jelly with Cactus Pear. We then went back on the road for another 10 hours to Iowa. There we ate dinner with my Grandma and Grandpa Dixion, and spent some time with some cousins. Were back on the road at 7:30Am for yet another days drive this time it was about a 14 hour drive. We were so tired that we went strait to bed after a late dinner. The next day we went to the Zoo in Columbus and had my first maple cream bar made by some amish people. That day we headed up to Kent which was only a 2 hour drive. During this whole time Taylor was a trooper he only complaned a little and puked only once, which happened to be the longest drive of the trip though. Pictures will be posted later.