Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Its been a month now sorry

Alright I am sorry that I haven't written in a while things have been so hectic lately that we haven't been able to get to anything including house cleaning.
A few things that have happened this month are.
1. We have been working non stop down stairs at the Craze Fun Zone where Chris will be the manager.
2. looking for a house and trying to get a loan.
3. Doing the whole managing the apartments.
4. Found out that Taylor's crib is defective so we have to turn it in. this time we are going to get a crib and a pack and play so that we can go camping and have a place to put Taylor.
5. Working some more
6. and more working. Taylor enjoyed it because he got to sit on the mini golf set and play while mom and dad worked around him.
7. On Friday The Craze Fun Zone will be open finally.
8. On Friday my sister Jamie is going to be coming up for my nephews (Logan's) baby blessing and will be staying at our house which means that I have to clean my house really well before then. Maybe I can do some packing also, so that I won't have to do as much later on.
9. Oh Taylor got his first bump on the head. Chris and I where playing some mini golf with some friends before the place opens and well I left for a few minutes and when I got back Taylor was sitting on one of the golf sets and Chris was about to take his swing and Taylor fell backwards and hit his head on the side of the golf course. When I got to him and took him to comfort him he almost made me cry.
Sorry there aren't any pictures but there will be when I have more time to get them up and going. I will write again next week hopefully and then there will be pictures I promise.