Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pizza Anyone

So about a month ago, a regular at the craze came in and asked Chris to make him a pizza that had enough pepperoni and Cheese on it to cost $50. So Chris said to give him about a weeks worth of time just to figure out how he was going to do it and to order all of the toppings that it required. I told Chris that I didn't want to be there on that day and that he better make them sign some weavers saying that if they died or had a hard-a-tack it wasn't The Craze's or Chris's fault. So last week or so the kid came back and Chris made the pizza and of course it just happened to be the only day that week that I went into The Craze. And this is what it looked like. it was 39 slices of pepperoni high in the thickest part of the pizza. The group that ordered the pizza also made Chris eat a slice so Chris ate a little sliver compared to everyone else.


  1. ewww. The crust on top for a grease-cover is brilliant... but the whole idea is NASTY.

  2. that's why they call it the craze ...