Thursday, June 4, 2009

Taylor's 4 month check up

So we went to the Doctors today for Taylors 4 month check up, and this is how he stands for his accual age. Length he is 24.4 inches long so that would put him at the 36.82% for that. Head Circumference is 15.75 inches and that puts him in the 6.61%. His weight is 13 pounds and which is the 16.08%. He is growing so fast right now he is pushing himself around the in circles on his back and it is so cute, eventually he will be crawling and then what will I do. I will probibly start to cry. He can sort of sit up now also, as long as he as something to support his back he does really well but if not he tends to fall over. He is also verry talkitive he will just make nosies even though no one is playing with him.

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